Handcrafted Shea Butter Soaps

Orders are on hold until March 2019.
After March 2019, soaps will be sold until supplies last.

“O God, ... wash me till I am whiter than snow. ....
Create in me a clean heart....."
- Psalm 51:1,7

Each melt and pour shea butter soap bar is packaged in an attractive printed cello bag and gift boxed.
Linens fragrance is added to all soaps.
For your Christmas-giving soaps, you have the option of the Christmas Pine fragrance or Holiday Sparkle. Please let me know, when you order, if you prefer the Christmas Pine fragrance or Holliday Sparkle for your Christmas-giving soaps. If you prefer no fragrance, please note that, as well.
Otherwise, your soap order will arrive with the Linens fragrance added.

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Butterfly Soap Bar Guest Fleur-de-lis
Butterfly Soap Bar
3.5 oz. / $5.00
Guest Fleur-de-lis Soaps
3.5 oz. / $5.00
Hummingbird Soap Floral Leaves Soap
Hummingbird and Lily Soap Bar
5.2 oz. / $5.00
Floral Leaves Soap Bar
5.1 oz. / $5.00
Oriental Cherry Blossom Soap Groovy Soap
Oriental Cherry Blossom soap Bar
6.1 oz. / $6.00
Groovy Soap Bar
6.5 oz. / $6.00
Christmas Joy Bar Christmas Tree Soap Bar
Christmas Joy Soap Bar
5.5 oz. / $5.00
Christmas Tree Soap Bar
3.75 oz. / $5.00
Christmas Holly Soap Bar Snowflake Soap Bar
Christmas Holly Soap Bar
5.2 oz. / $5.00
Snowflake Soap Bar
3.5 oz / $5.00.
Guest Snowflake Soaps Tree of Life Soap
Guest Snowflake Soap Bars
Two at 1.28 oz. each / $5.00
Tree of Life Soap Bar
5.5 oz. / $5.00
Peace on Earth Soap Bar Angel Soap Bar
Peace on Earth Soap Bar
5 oz. / $5.00
Angel Soap Bar
3.5 oz. / $5.00
Star Soap Bar Wave Soap Bar
Star Soap Bar
3 oz. / $5.00
Wave Soap Bar
3 oz.. / $5.00
Daffodil Soap Dove of Peace Soap
Daffodil Soap Bar
5.6 oz. / $5.00
Dove of Peace Soap Bar
2.9 oz. / $5.00
Dragonfly Soap Fleur-de-lis Soap
Dragonfly Soap Bar
4.7 oz. / $5.00
Fleur-de-lis Soap Bar
6.5 oz. / $6.00
Iris Soap Celtic Cross Soap
Iris Soap Bar
4.2 oz. / $5.00
Round Celtic Cross Soap Bar
5.0 oz. / $5.00
Chick in Shell Soap Hen on Eggs Soap
Chick in Shell Soap Bar
4.1 oz. / $5.00
Hen on Eggs Saop Bar
3.6 oz. / $5.00
Victorian Soap Sheep Soap
Victorian Soap Bar
6.3 oz. / $6.00
Sheep Soap Bar
3 oz. / $5.00
Lilies Soap Bird on Branch
Lilies Soap Bar
4.9 oz. / $5.00
Bird on Branch
4.7 oz / $5.00

Music Notes Soap Bar

Gift Box Soap Bar
Music Notes Bar
4.7 oz / $5.00
Gift Box Bar
4.4 oz / $5.00


$5.00 - $6.00 Each / Gift Boxed Soap
(Price does not include the shipment cost or 6.625% tax for NJ residents.)

To Order:

Orders are on hold until March 2019.
After March 2019, soaps will be sold until supplies last.

*To place an order for any of the items on this page, please either (1) print out and mail the Handwork Brochure, (2) email, or (3) order online through PayPal below. Thank you!

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Our Lady of Tenderness, pray for us!