Hermitage Reflection 

Light of Love's Peace


Bird on Treetop

Daily, we are entertained (or distracted) through words, music, sounds from all kinds of machinery, sounds from our furry and feathered creatures, and the multitudinous sounds of pure nature through the movement of wind and storm; even the ocean floor holds sound.

Our inner world entertains (or distracts) through our thoughts and the emotions of our heart. These are inner sounds we can change, so we can clear a straight inner path to hear the One Voice we need to hear and follow - the Voice of God.

It is God's Voice that will help us to walk through life with an inner peace. This peace will help us make wise choices. This peace will touch the lives of others. This peace only God can give. And only we can decide to clear our inner path (with the help of God's grace) to permit the Light of Love's Peace to enter and guide.


My peace is My gift to you.
~ John 14:27

Our Lady of Tenderness, pray for us!