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Questions you might ask:


How do I begin?
You can submit your audio file through email or from a web page. Please provide the link needed to access the audio file.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is another option, if you are familiar with this process. I can access your file once I have your username and password.
How is completed work returned to me?
Your transcript will be a Microsoft Word document and returned through email. It will be returned both as a Word doc as well as a PDF file.
What is the transcription rate?

The rate for transcription is $1 per audio minute.

Transcription work includes typing your audio, editing your audio for clean verbatim (fillers, false starts, repetitions edited out), and proofing the finished document to the audio. Scripture citations are inserted within the document. The turnaround time is typically 24 to 48 hours for 1 hour of audio. A five minute audio can be transcribed within 20 minutes, dependent upon the audio quality and number of scripture citations needing inclusion.

How do I make payment

You will receive an invoice. Payment can be made through PayPal or check.

What is the transcription format?

Unless you specify a format, the transcribed document will be in Times New Roman, font size 14, indented paragraph (block format, if requested), single spacing between lines and double between paragraphs. Scripture citations will be included. The main heading will be as you dictate.

What type of service can I expect?

You can expect clean verbatim of your audio and a document of professional quality.

You can also expect it to be transcribed with prayer at the beginning, God's peace through the process of transcribing, and a prayer that your completed text document may touch, heal, and guide, by means of divine grace, many hearts!



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